Yesterday Evening

Anthony Sledge
2 min readMay 1, 2022

Several people in my #LinkedIn community recently reached out to me asking if I had any shots of the Water’s Soul sculpture during the evening, which I would be willing to share.

I kindly let them know that the pier where the beautiful sculpture sits is only open from sun up to sundown.

As a result, you can’t take close-up pictures of the Water’s Soul during the evening time; however, you still can get some pretty cool shots standing at one of the piers not too far away.

With that in mind, on my walk to #Hoboken yesterday evening to link up with a couple of friends for dinner at Blue Eyes restaurant, I made a quick stop at the pier and human-made beach near the Water’s Soul and snapped 📸 a few pics!

After reviewing the photos this Sunday morning, I figured it would be nice to share the shots I took with you, so the attached slideshow is for your viewing pleasure. 😊

Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed consuming this spur-of-the-moment post as you ease into your Sunday afternoon.

Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am #NewYorkCity time, have a relaxing Sunday and a successful week ahead. Let’s go!

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