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3 min readSep 18, 2021


I felt like changing up my weekend jogging routine, so I landed in Weehawken, #NewJersey, near Lincoln Harbor, bright and early this Saturday, enthusiastic about getting my cardio in.

From my previous visits and observations, Weehawken is a beautiful looking place, primarily due to the unique blend of city and countryside views that it offers, which I find truly extraordinary.

So after getting my stretching routine complete in preparation to begin this morning’s run, I calmly paused for a moment to glance at my Apple watch, and the time was 6:27 am. I followed that action by activating the timer on my stopwatch, and then I took off running. Let’s go!

It was cloudy and very muggy outside, so it didn’t take me long to break out into a sweat. As I was in the middle of picking up speed, I suddenly decided to look to my left, and when I did, I was now looking across the Hudson into Gotham City.

In so doing, the first thing I noticed was the sun slowly rising, shining a lovely bright light over #NYC. Love it!

Indeed, it was a gorgeous sight, so much so that I just had to stop on a couple of occasions during my run and take some pictures for my future viewing pleasure.

Each time I stopped, it took me less than five seconds to snap a pic, and then I was quickly back running, never missing a beat!

Soon, I noticed more people were beginning to come outside to exercise or walk their dogs, and eventually, I landed right in front of a dog park, where I decided to stop, sit on a bench, and drink a cold bottle of water.

Now with a front-row seat at the dog park, watching several dogs running around gleefully, you know me, I waved at a couple of the pet owners and ended up having an interesting conversation with a woman who lived nearby.

Ironically, she works in the pharmaceutical industry, so we have that in common, and I now have a new individual in my professional network!

After that pleasant exchange and adding her to my list of LinkedIn connections, I resumed my run and started making my way towards Hoboken.

Allow me to add, along the way, whenever I saw something that captured my imagination; I stopped to take additional pictures and decided to share some of them with you via my customary Saturday morning post.

Friends, before I knew it, I was standing on Washington St in Hoboken, next to a big clock, and the time was now 7:25 am, and I was ready to shut it down.

Next, I looked to my left and spotted a café on the corner, and I immediately walked in to buy a cup of joe. I sat outside for 30 minutes cooling off while enjoying my coffee and spent six of those precious minutes recapping this experience into my journal app. Lol!

After that, I called an Uber taxi and rode home — the end. 😊

Have a fabulous weekend!

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