Wednesday Evening Stroll

Anthony Sledge
3 min readMay 4, 2022


On a chilly night in the big city, I had a sudden urge to take some pics and ✍🏽 write, so I rushed outside to find something that would immediately inspire me to journal!

Within minutes, I found myself strolling through nearby Pier C Park and before I knew it, I became captivated by the bright lights in the area.

As a result of the beauty that had me mesmerized in the present moment, my creative writing juices began to activate.

On top of that, everything around me started moving in slow motion as if by magic, which often happens when I drift off into a creative writing state. Indeed, this is something I always find fascinating and have learned to embrace wholeheartedly!

Realizing that I had just found a source of inspiration that I wanted to journal about, instinctively, I began taking pics 📸 as I made my way towards the grass area of the pier.

Once I made it to the grass area of the pier, I sat down on the steps shown below and spent the next 11 minutes capturing my thoughts!

After typing into my #iPhone journal app, effortlessly, I must add, I continued sitting on the stairway for another 15 minutes, reflecting on the day and then meditating for a short time.

As soon as I came out of another one of my lovely meditative states, I felt extremely relaxed and then started to tip-toe my way back to my place. LOL!

On the way back to the crib, I bumped into a friend chilling out on a long black rail alongside the Hudson, resting from an intense evening run.

Interestingly enough, I also ran into some friends having a lively conversation while sitting nearby on a wooden bench.

As you might expect, I stopped for a few minutes to chat with everyone I knew and shared some of my positive energy before finally walking 🚶🏽 back home — the end. 😊

Well, folks, I hope this positive spur-of-the-moment post relaxed your mind, which is the effect this evening stroll had on me.

Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am #NewYorkCity time, have a pleasant night and a great rest of your week. Let’s go!

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