Walking the Dog

Anthony Sledge
2 min readApr 17, 2022

Right at the start of my latest evening 🚶🏽 stroll, I bumped into a neighbor and her energetic 🐩 dog, and we ended up chit-chatting and then walking together on a brisk night in the big city.

Since her dog was with us, she led me on a walking route that I seldom ever take, which brings you to an open area where dogs love to play!

When we made it to the edge of the Hudson River, I sat down on a bench to journal my thoughts and take a few pics; while she gleefully chased her dog around. #Love it!

After she was all done playing with her dog, she came and sat next to me on the bench, and we listened to the soothing sounds of the tiny waves gently crashing into the rocks; as I continued typing into my #iPhone journal app.

Once I finished capturing my thoughts, I stood up, looked to my left, and took one last shot of the World Trade Center and the Goldman Sachs Tower, slide eight, and then we walked 🚶🏽 home — the end.

Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am #NewYorkCity time, have a lovely evening and a super week ahead. Let’s go! 😊

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