The Morning After Black Friday

Anthony Sledge
4 min readNov 27, 2021


I woke up this Saturday morning feeling super fantastic, ready to take advantage of this precious day and all that it has to offer!

As soon as I hopped out of bed, I slipped on my chestnut UGG sheepskin slippers, then walked straight over to my bedroom window, pulled up the blinds, and watched in awe as the sun was just beginning to rise.

After starring out the window for a minute or so, I asked Alexa to tell me the temperature outside. She quickly responded that it was 34 degrees and cloudy, and due to the current wind conditions, it felt like 27 degrees. Yikes!

Since it was super cold outside, I thought about ditching my morning run; however, because I had committed to jogging with a close friend, surely, I wouldn’t cancel on her today.

So after freshening up, I put on some cold-weather gear with an extra layer underneath, and then I pumped myself up by saying out loud, let’s do it!

The next thing I knew, I was making my way over to the meetup spot, listening to a Les Brown motivation track while simultaneously admiring the gorgeous view of the neighborhood with the #NYC skyline in the background.

With the relaxing sounds of the water flowing naturally in the river nearby, combined with this lovely gaggle of geese flying just above me, I felt the need to pause for a moment and deliberately allow myself to soak it all in!

When I came out of this magical state of flow, I was only two blocks away from the meetup location and could see my dear friend standing on the corner, jogging in place with her hands in her pocket.

Within less than a minute, I found myself now standing still on the corner directly across from her, waiting for the Light Rail to pass. That’s when out of the blue, I felt a desire to take a couple of pics, click-click.

Even though I didn’t know the reason for this sudden desire, I instinctively knew to listen to the universe and snapped a few of my authentic pictures!

In so doing, if I happen to get an inspiring thought about this moment later in the day, I would have these images to reference if I felt compelled to write about it; thus, allowing me to relive this experience more quickly and identify its underlying message.

So once the train flew by me, I rushed across the street to receive a big friendly hug from my friend that touched my heart!

After our warm embrace, we spoke for a hot minute to confirm our jogging route, and then we took off running. Let’s go!

Indeed, it was freezing outside, so much so that neither one of us wanted to chat during our five-mile run, and interestingly enough, the masks we had on ended up serving two purposes, one of which was keeping our faces nice and warm. Lol!

Well, folks, that does it for this Saturday’s post. The story’s underlying message is about #friendship, #mindfulness, #commitment, and getting it done, even in the cold. 😊

Until we meet again at 11 am ET next Saturday, I wish you a wonderful weekend and a productive week ahead!




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