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3 min readJul 10, 2021


It has been over a year since I last went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), so when a friend suggested that we visit today, I got super excited and responded with only three words…let’s do it!

So, would you like to experience the Met with us? If you do, send me a virtual smile right now, and let’s go! 😊

After purchasing our tickets online, we hopped on the 4-train and rode it up to 86th Street. When we exited the subway station, we walked five blocks to get to the museum, and I must add, it was hot and muggy outside, yet the stroll over was delightful.

Upon arriving at the museum’s main entrance, I was stunned by how long the line was to get in. Nevertheless, it was all good because I had a lovely time chatting with Melissa and making new friends while waiting to get in.

Worth mentioning, if you’ve never been to the Met, I strongly recommend that you have a game plan on what you want to see because it is challenging to view everything in one day. Keep in mind, the Met is the largest museum in America, with over 2 million works housed inside, so there’s plenty to see.

Since I am the most organized member of this party, I had everything mapped out to ensure that we didn’t miss anything we wanted to see. What’s more, it was a good thing that I remembered to bring my portable phone charger because, with my healthy appetite for taking pictures, without it, the energy on my phone would have most certainly died before completing the tour. Lol!

We ended up staying at the museum for nearly 4-hours before calling it a day. When we arrived at the elevator to go down to the street level, it was jam-packed! As a result, we took the stairs instead, and when we got outside, there was still a line of people waiting to get inside. Wow!

Next, we stopped at a café for a healthy salad lunch and discussed our favorite moments of touring the museum before heading back home. You know me, as soon as I got on the train, I began journaling and finished summarizing this latest experience in my journal app before making it to my stop. 😊

Lastly, I’ve attached some of the pictures I took for your viewing pleasure as a thank you for reading this post.

So, now that you’ve perused through the slideshow, which of the photos do you like the most?

Have a relaxing evening.



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