Shining Your Light

Anthony Sledge
3 min readJan 5, 2022


While standing beneath a super bright lamp post tonight, near the Hudson River, I unexpectedly became enamored by the radiance of the light shining on me.

When I added the glitz of #NewYorkCity glistening in the background and blending spectacularly with the night’s darkness, I couldn’t help but feel happy inside.

Additionally, this setting was so visually pleasing to my eyes that the scenery began to have a calming effect on my spirit in a matter of seconds, once I stopped resisting its beauty and mentally acknowledged the splendor of the view.

Realizing that I was in the midst of slowly drifting off into what you’ve come to know as the #AnthonySledge magical state of flow, I then unconsciously eased over to the seating area underneath the super glowing light to appreciate its allure.

As I continued to embrace this serene moment wholeheartedly, I soon found myself standing near the lamp post with my hands in my pockets and shielding myself from the wind. Next, I knowingly allowed myself to feel and welcome the warmth of the light beaming down on me.

Then, and surprisingly, my mind began to envision you, yes you, being here right beside me, with a calm look on your face. I immediately followed that lovely thought by closing my eyes and imagining you giving me a friendly hug, which gave me the same peaceful feeling I was getting from standing near the light post.

After coming out of this pleasant state, I headed towards the boardwalk for an evening stroll while continuing to adore the skyline.

Minutes later, I took a brisk walk to the tennis courts in the neighborhood and ended up watching a couple of my good friends play a game of tennis under the bright lights in the freezing temperature.

I must add, I admire the commitment of my friends for getting their exercise done in this fashion, but as for me, I decided to stick with my evening stroll because it allowed me to keep my gloves and UGG boots on, staying warm, just as I like it. Lol!

Shortly after that, I began making my way back to the crib, feeling energetic inside. While on the walk home, I spotted the Merchant Ship’s Propeller, and I suddenly became inspired to stop in front of it to chill out for a few minutes to journal my thoughts!

Seconds later, I was lost in thought, typing away into my new Apple iPhone 13, which I had just picked up an hour ago.

For those that follow me regularly, the #iPhone X has a phenomenal camera, which was the phone that I used to take all of the pictures I’ve posted on #LinkedIn since I started posting 2-years ago.

Indeed, I will miss that phone, but I love this new one so far. 😊

Well, friends, I felt like writing this evening and sharing what I wrote with you.

Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am ET, have a great rest of your week. Let’s go!

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