I arrived at the gym early this morning and headed straight to the second floor to spend time in the #Meditation and #Yoga room. Indeed, after a hectic Saturday, I needed this time to relax my mind, body, and soul. Let’s do it!

After entering this quiet place, I quickly found a spot to set up and proceeded to lay down my tidewater teal lululemon yoga mat gently. Once I was in a comfortable position, I looked around and waved at the other seven people in the room, all of whom I knew casually, and went on to meditate for nearly 30 minutes.

Upon coming out of a beautiful meditative state, I felt mentally refreshed and then calmly exited the room to go back down to the first floor to engage in my weight training routine.

As I was making my way to the stairs, suddenly, a solution to something I was contemplating yesterday flashed in my mind, so I decided to sit down in the maroon chair you see below and began documenting my thoughts!

Ten minutes later, I completed my latest journal entry, and then I was right back on the move walking downstairs, ready to get my workout in. Let’s do it!

After an intense workout and my body feeling a little soar, I decided to make a quick visit to the gym’s café to grab a healthy shake, and I ended up having a pleasant conversation with the woman working the café bar.

Worth mentioning, she was also a personal trainer and shared a few healthy eating and workout tips. Love it!

On my way outside, I came upon a sign that read, “Live, Love, Laugh,” which immediately gave me a warm feeling inside; thus, making me smile and laugh out loud!

As for the rest of my Sunday, I plan on taking it easy. With the rainy weather predicted for most of the day in the Big Apple, I will probably lie on the couch watching football, reading, and doing a little journaling.

Well, friends, that’s my message for today. Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am EST, Live, Love, and Laugh! 😊

I wish you a relaxing rest of your weekend and a productive week ahead. Let’s go!

#mindfulness #motivation #authenticity



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Anthony Sledge

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.