Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2021

Anthony Sledge
3 min readNov 25, 2021


While watching the NBC News Today Show this morning, I immediately became drawn into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade reporting, which always brings back some of my fondest childhood memories of this special holiday.

With that in mind, I said to myself, Anthony, let’s go down there and be one of the millions of spectators at this year’s parade. In other words, seize the moment!

So without a second thought, I got dressed and rushed over to Herald Square, where the Macy’s flagship store sits, to enjoy the pageantry of the parade. Let’s go!

Before I knew it, I was getting off the train, then strolling out of the 33rd Street subway station exit on my way outside to witness the parade.

As you might expect, the streets were jam-packed with people, so now I had to quickly put together a game plan on where to stand to best observe the spectacular show!

With most of the streets already blocked off from foot traffic, I somehow managed to elbow my way into a spot on West 33rd Street and Greenly Square to stand, which was ideal.

Once I got settled, I politely introduced myself to three lovely ladies standing beside me, two from Lafayette, Louisiana, and the other from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a dog. Look below if you don’t believe me. Lol!

This ended up being an excellent location to watch as I chatted up a storm with my three new friends, sharing my New York City stories and learning more about them and where they were from. Love it!

Well, friends, I have to stop here because it’s time for me to hop on the train to Brooklyn to link up with my family. And of course, I used the short train ride over to Brooklyn, typing this newest journal entry that I decided to share with you today. 😊

I hope you enjoy my latest slideshow and have a fun and safe Thanksgiving spending time with family and friends.

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