Labor Day 2021

Anthony Sledge
3 min readSep 6, 2021

I landed near the Goldman Sachs Tower early on Labor Day Monday to relax and enjoy reading the newspaper. Even though it was a foggy morning, it was nice and cool outside, making for a pleasant atmosphere.

As I sat on a bench reading a local #NYC newspaper, I made it a point to look around periodically to observe and embrace my surroundings. As a result, the universe gifted me with the magnificent sight of the clouds hovering around the World Trade Center combined with the wind gently blowing on my skin, which felt lovely.

Before I knew it, I could feel my eyelids begin to close, and then I drifted off into a meditative state that was truly delightful.

Friends, the next ten minutes were fascinating because although I was relaxed, my mind began to shower me with new and creative ideas, which I knew I should capture as soon as I came out of this state of flow.

When I returned to reality, I stood up and started walking alongside the Goldman Sachs skyscraper, passing by a row of pictures neatly positioned on a hunter-green fence nearby that took up half the block.

To my good fortune, I stumbled upon one of the pictures that read “Reflect and Reconnect,” which literally stopped me dead in my tracks!

As much as I like to reflect and value living in the present, I found seeing this picture at this moment serendipitous, and it made me feel blissful inside.

So, of course, I instinctively immersed myself into the present moment and began walking around slowly with purpose, taking photos while capturing my thoughts into my journal app simultaneously.

Then, out of nowhere, a conversation I had with the concierge earlier flashed into my head, and I recall him saying it would be a glooming morning outside. I responded by saying that I see nothing but beauty on this partly sunny morning in the Big Apple, and then we both started laughing.

Moreover, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find it fitting to have had this moment and a sense of feeling one with nature on this glorious Labor Day Monday in 2021.

And with that, this spur-of-the-moment journal entry is coming to a close. I am now in the mood for a fresh everything bagel, toasted with a bit of butter, so I am off to my favorite bagel shop. Lol!

I trust you will enjoy looking at my latest slide show, and I wish you a fun holiday Monday. 😊

Have a great week ahead. Let’s go!

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