Harlem NYC

I woke up early this morning, super excited about this Saturday’s run, which will have me heading uptown to jog around the renowned #Harlem #NYC neighborhood.

Since it was a bit nippy outside, I put on my Howard University Under Armour gear, matching blue HU hat, and my favorite Nike running sneakers. Instead of hopping on the 2-train, I decided to jump in my gold SUV and drive up the West Side Hwy to link up with my running crew.

The meetup spot was at Lenox Ave and W 136th St, right across the street from the Harlem Hospital. Indeed, a lovely place to meet because it allows one to see an enormous glass mural located at the main entrance of this historic landmark.

Moreover, being the first member of my crew to arrive, I purposely used some of my waiting time, giving this gorgeous mural a thorough look, and I’m glad I did.

In case you’re wondering, the name of the mural is “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

Just as I was taking my last pic, click-click, I noticed that my entire group had assembled on the corner, and after getting our pleasantries out of the way, we took off running. Let’s go!

Before I knew it, we were jogging up W 135th St on the block with the Harlem Walk of Fame when, all of a sudden, I saw the Dizzy Gillespie murals and was compelled to stop!

You know me, I just had to take a couple of pics for my journal and to share with you.

After snapping pics around this famous area, we were soon cruising down Lenox Ave and quickly approaching what is commonly known as Harlem’s restaurant row. That’s when I spotted the Red Rooster, Silvia’s Restaurant, and countless other well-known eateries, which made me hungry.

Then, while making our way over to 125th St and the World Famous Apollo Theater, our designated turnaround point, we came upon the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. statue, and we all instinctively slowed down a tad bit and gave it a good look as we strolled by.

A few minutes later, we were standing in front of the Apollo, which always brings back fond memories for me. I stood there reminiscing about my first time going to Amateur Night at the Apollo on a date with my high school sweetheart with barely any money in my pocket. Suffice to say, she had a wonderful time, and I may give her a call today. Lol!

Well, friends, I have to end it here and get ready to drive back home. So after typing my final thought into my iPhone app, I put on my seatbelt, followed by hitting the start engine button, and then drove off, zoom-zoom — the end.

I hope you enjoyed our run around Harlem and learned something new in the process.

Have a lovely weekend! 😊

#inspire #mindfulness #motivation



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