Flatiron Plaza

I began my Saturday at the Union Square Greenmarket to do a little shopping and chat with some local farmers. While strolling around this famous outdoor market, checking out the fresh produce and other stuff, a lady in the midst of renting a bicycle from a bike terminal on a corner nearby suddenly captured my attention! So much so that I ended up mulling over the idea of renting a bike for a quick ride.

After thinking about it for all of 90 seconds, I said to myself, let’s do! So, I put my shopping on hold, rushed over to the spot where the bicycle station was, rented a bike, and pedaled on over to the Flatiron District!

Before I knew it, I was gliding down 5th Ave, eventually landing on the corner of 22nd St, right in front of an outdoor seating area where several people were enjoying coffee. Since I am very fond of the Flatiron Plaza from a sightseeing perspective, I decided to park the bike and take a leisurely walk around.

Upon putting the bike into the nearest bicycle station on the block, I was back on the move and found myself walking across the street behind three women, one of whom was a well-known actress.

Bear in mind, I am not the type that gets star-struck, so after making eye contact with her, we each smiled and kept it moving. However, I would have introduced myself if it were Alicia Keys, and this post would be a lot different. Lol!

So after breezing past the ladies, you can now envision me walking in the center of the street, making a beeline to the front of the Flatiron Building. I wanted to get the perfect view of one of my favorite buildings in NYC, snap a few pics, and then capture what I was thinking at that moment into my journal app.

To get to the front of this iconic building, I had to walk across 23rd St, which gave me a nice view of the Empire State Building. As I continued marching, I had to zig-zag my way past some folks having brunch with pretty flowers all around them. As soon as I passed by the flower pots, I came to a sudden halt!

Then, I turned around slowly, looked up at the sky with the sun shining bright, and there it was, the Flatiron Building looking as gorgeous as ever! Seconds later, I spotted a woman holding a pink umbrella walking in my direction. When I mentally juxtaposed that visual with the Flatiron Building in the backdrop, I was suddenly inspired to write.

Thus, I eased over to the giant rock you can see below, sat on it, and began journaling my thoughts. Twelve minutes later, I was ready to go back to Union Square, so I stood up and moseyed back over to the bicycle stand to grab another bike.

Before leaving, I glanced up at the backside of the Flatiron building, took a final pic, then hopped on the bike and rode down to Union Square.

It just so happened that I also saw something at the Union Square Greenmarket that inspired me to write. I may share that journal entry and the photos with you in a future post. 😊

Enjoy your weekend!




I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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Anthony Sledge

Anthony Sledge

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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