End of Year LinkedIn Reflection

As I was taking a leisurely walk, thinking about some of my favorite LinkedIn posts of the year, suddenly, I became spellbound with the movement of the enormous bright clouds, drifting slowly in the sky on yet, another freezing day in #NewYorkCity.

As luck would have it, an empty bench was just a few yards from where I was walking that caught my eye, which was perfect because I wanted to sit down and begin capturing my end-of-year #LinkedIn reflections into my iPhone.

Once I sat down, memories of my LinkedIn 2021 journey began rushing through my mind as I looked at the river directly in front of me, only a short distance away.

I recall sitting on the bench listening to the water flowing below my feet, moving as fast and freely as the thoughts in my head!

After processing and capturing so many lovely experiences that happened this year, I began to contemplate what portions of this journal entry I should share with my LinkedIn community.

Undeniably, many of you have been such a significant part of my 2021 LinkedIn journey; therefore, I feel dutybound to share my year-end recap. 😊

What’s more, instead of sharing portions of what I wrote in a regular post, I will share my thoughts in the form of an article.

I will publish the article tomorrow at 11 am ET, from my go-to Starbucks location in the Big Apple while sipping on a Grande Blonde Roast coffee.

Also worth mentioning, I will begin sharing a variety of other forms of content in the New Year to stretch myself as we continue to inspire each other and grow together respectfully.

So if you find my content valuable and desire more, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, @Anthony_Sledge.

Starting in January, I will periodically share the inspirational messages I write that help me get charged up for the day ahead.

Well, friends, that does it for this post. I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow when I publish my LinkedIn 2021 year in review article at 11 am sharp.

I wish you a pleasant Sunday evening and a super week ahead!

#mindfulness #gratitude



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Anthony Sledge

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.