A Visit to Brookfield Place

After two inspiring conversations with #LinkedIn connections from Las Vegas and Malaysia earlier today, I headed over to the World Trade Center (WTC) area, specifically Brookfield Place, to link up with my main jogging crew for a late lunch.

When I arrived inside Brookfield Place, I quickly jumped on the escalator, and on the ride up, I began to notice a bunch of beautiful #holiday decorations perfectly placed all around, making me feel blissful inside.

As soon as I landed on the street level, I hopped off the escalator, glanced to my left, and there sat a pretty Christmas tree, which made me smile! As I continued to make way inside Brookfield Place, I soon spotted a large blue sign, and when I got right up on it and read it, I realized that I was in store for a memorable walk ahead.

Anticipating that I was about to have a magical experience, I prepared to start capturing my thoughts in real-time while also taking photos of anything that caught my eye. So off I went bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, fully present and ready to seize the moment!

Since I am off this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, like many of you, I thought it would be cool to bring you along on my latest walk by way of this spur-of-the-moment Tuesday evening post.

If you care to join me, continue reading my newest journal entry while reviewing the slideshow I put together for all of our viewing pleasure.

Indeed, the shots I took inside Brookfield speak for themselves, so let’s now pause for a moment and slowly scroll through the slideshow and appreciate the beauty of each image.

Additionally, favor me by stopping for a minute and envision me leaving Brookfield Place, walking outside in the cold, headed for the other side of the road. Once I got across the street, I came upon a massive royal blue globe sculpture, and after reading the sign describing it, I found out that it was part of the XO World Project.

Ironically, I just learned about this project 25 minutes ago while making my way through the WTC Transporation Hub to get to Brookfield Place. What’s more, I took some pics of the XO Play sculpture, shown below.

If you are curious like I was, the following is cited directly from the Official WTC website for your review:

The XO WORLD PROJECT, created by Daniel Anderson, features two sculptures, “XO PLAY” and “XO WORLD,” that encourage peace and love around the world. “XO PLAY,” on display in the Oculus through late October, depicts children playing a game of jacks — symbolizing childhood innocence and harmony with the world.

“XO WORLD,” on display just outside One World Trade Center at West Plaza for 18 months, features a 12-foot “Jack” from the game of Jacks with an “X” representing “love” in universal sign language and “O” representing the world.

Well, friends, that does it for this random Tuesday night post.

Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am ET, have a fun and safe Thanksgiving! 😊

#mindfulness #nyc #unity




I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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Anthony Sledge

Anthony Sledge

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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