A Stroll to Pick-up an Order of Sushi

On another freezing night in Gotham City, and by freezing, I mean the temperature was an icy 22 degrees; plus, getting ready to snow, yet, I decided to venture outside for some cold fresh air and also to pick up a bit to eat.

On this particular evening, I had a taste for some of my favorite sushi rolls, so I headed over to my go-to sushi spot, all bundled up with cold-weather gear from head to toe, keeping me nice and warm during the frigid weather. ❄️

Interestingly enough, while en route to the sushi place, I had to pass by a restaurant with these cozy outdoor dining bubbles, complete with heat and a candle-lit dinner table.

Sounds romantic, right? 💕

Kidding aside, I’ve been past this place a million times, yet, the scenery on this cold and dark night made me smile for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Not only that, this happy feeling I was experiencing inside fast turned into an appreciation for the creativity of outdoor dining in the frosty and soon-to-be snowy weather. You gotta love it!

With that thought swirling through my mind, I seriously thought about changing my dinner plans, calling up a dear friend of mine, and asking her to meet me here for a spontaneous dinner date.

However, I had already placed my sushi order directly with the Japanese restaurant via my #iPhone so that the owner, a personal friend of mine, could avoid being assessed the delivery fee that the third-party partner would have charged her.

I know what you’re thinking right now, Anthony; you sound like that Domino’s Pizza commercial. Lol!

Friends, before I realized it, I was inside the Japanese restaurant chopping it up with the owner and one of my neighbors who just so happened to be in there also picking up a takeout sushi order.

I ended up getting a table with my friend, and she and I had a delicious dinner while continuing our pleasant conversation.

Okay, now that I have eaten my dinner with some lovely company, I now find myself strolling back to the house with my tummy nice and full.

With two blocks to go before I made it home, all of a sudden, I felt like journaling my thoughts, so I opened my Evernote journal app and started typing for six minutes straight!

After reading what I just wrote, which made me laugh, I decided to share the latest episode of #AnthonySledge enjoying the present moment via one of my spur-of-the-moment posts. 😊

So, friends, my message tonight is to embrace the present moment whenever you can, even on the way to pick up some sushi, because it just might turn into a memorable experience with a dear friend.

I wish you a relaxing evening and a productive week ahead. Let’s go!

#mindfulness #inspire

BTW — What did you have for dinner tonight?




I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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Anthony Sledge

Anthony Sledge

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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