A Giant Frog on the Tree

Anthony Sledge
2 min readJan 10, 2022


I was jogging around my neighborhood just minutes after watching the sunrise when all of a sudden, an unusually decorated tree with a giant frog on it, yes a giant frog, caught my eye, stopping me dead in my tracks!

While staring at the orange and yellowish frog from a short distance for two straight minutes, my curiosity began to flow abundantly; so as you might expect, I put a temporary pause on my run, and I rushed over to the tree to get a closer look.

Within seconds, I was right up on this oddly decorated tree and began examing it thoroughly and quickly became mesmerized by its attractiveness and the orange and yellowish freckled frog climbing up the tree trunk.

As I stood in front of the tree, concentrating on its unique beauty, I suddenly began to hear and become captivated by the whistling sound of the wind swirling all around me; while at the same time watching the condensation coming out of my nose and mouth because of the cold weather.

Since both of us are now standing next to the colorfully decorated tree, you in spirit and me in the physical, it’s time to get you, and I warmed up, so let’s get back to our virtual run together. Let’s go!

In less than five minutes, we were racing past some of those #restaurant dining bubbles I posted about last week, soon to be landing inside Starbucks, where we sat down, and each enjoyed a grande cup of peppermint hot chocolate and a coconut #kind bar. 😊

Well, friends, that does it for this spur-of-moment Monday evening post. I trust you enjoyed the photos and my message about #mindfulness.

Until we meet again on Saturday at 11 am ET, have a relaxing evening and a successful week ahead.

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