34th Street and MSG

After lying down on the couch for 90 minutes straight, finishing up a book I’ve been reading off and on for the past couple of days, I went outside to stretch my legs and to get some fresh air.

Once I made it outside and proceeded to stroll around my neighborhood, I quickly began enjoying the nice September breeze, and when I took a look up at the sky, I noticed it was rather dark, which let me know that rain would soon be on the way.

A few minutes later, I felt some lukewarm raindrops touch my face, and in a matter of a couple of seconds, it started pouring rain!

I must also add, amidst the water coming down fast and heavy, something about the movement of the clouds and the rain dripping off my NY Yankee hat, gave me a feeling of calmness deep down inside, thus putting me in a writing mood.

So instead of ignoring this sudden desire to write, which I may have done 2-years ago, I decided to embrace this urge and prepared to begin capturing my thoughts into my journal app.

All I needed now was something to write about, and in the blink of an eye, my mind brought me back to this past Saturday morning, which had me standing in front of the Hotel Pennsylvania, located on the corner of 7 Ave and 33rd St.

And just like that, I entered into one of my six-minute free-flowing creative writing bursts, and the words to a short journal entry magically began to appear in my head. Here we go!

Now re-experiencing that moment, when I was standing alongside the Hotel Pennsylvania, I then gradually replayed, glancing across the street and spotting the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden. Go Knicks!

After mentally acknowledging the Mecca of Basketball with a tip of my hat and a smile on my face, I slowly turned my body to the right until my eyes stopped on a Sbarro’s Pizzeria place. On top of that, two of #NYC finest were in front of this pizza joint, standing tall, and the female officer gave me a friendly wave, so I reciprocated. of course, in-kind, and then started walking in their direction.

Upon making it across the street, I zoomed past One Penn Plaza and a Bank of America branch before landing near the main entrance of the Macy’s flagship department store on 34th St.

I stared in awe at this iconic shopping center, known as the World’s Largest Store, as an Entenmann’s delivery truck rode by me.

And with that, this post is almost complete, but before you finish reading it, pause for a moment and envision me heading down into the subway. Lol!

Did you see me walking by the guy holding a book and wearing the sky blue mask as I made my way into the subway station?

Have a pleasant evening. 😊

#mindfulness #motivation




I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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Anthony Sledge

Anthony Sledge

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, helping people, and donating my time and human capital to important causes that have a meaningful impact on society.

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