100 Steps

Anthony Sledge
2 min readMay 22, 2022

While jogging 🏃🏽 around #JerseyCity and #Hoboken this Sunday afternoon, I came upon the “100 Steps” that connect Jersey City Heights with Paterson Plank Road.

Friends, I find this steel staircase fascinating for its design and location. It sits not too far from the 2nd Street Hoboken Light Rail station and provides spectacular views of #NewYorkCity.

Since my last visit to the 100 Steps was a while ago, I decided to pause my run and take a few minutes to appreciate its beauty!

As I was admiring the uniqueness of the staircase’s design, you know me, I couldn’t resist my natural desire to take some 📷 pictures, followed by journaling ✍🏽 my thoughts!

After making my way down the 100 Steps and taking a few pics, I spent the next six minutes capturing my thoughts into my #iPhone journal app.

Upon reading what I wrote, I decided to share a portion of my newest journal entry with you this afternoon, hoping to brighten your day via this spur-of-the-moment post!

I wish you a relaxing Sunday evening and a great week ahead. Let’s go! 😊

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